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These numbers are interpreted in the same way as the earlier date coded numbers, though a hyphen was sometimes placed between the first and second digits better identifying the month/year designation.

As an example, 2-365 would be February (2), 1973 (3).

Note also that Gretsch, like the Detroit automakers, had model years, so in the same way a '57 Thunderbird may have been made in 1956, a '57 White Falcon may have been made earlier.Gretsch began numbering it's guitars sequentially in 1939, beginning with the better models.They started, sensibly enough, at 001, just writing the number inside the back.(Numbers are consecutive, but all number/year matches are approximate) Be aware that these numbers, while considered by most authorities to be accurate, may be substantially off. The next three digits are the model number, without the 6 at the beginning.Several guitars have appeared that seem to use the new dating scheme from as early as Feb. There may have been overlap between the two numbering schemes, or the earlier method may have been phased out as early as 1963. The final numbers are the sequential order of the model made during the lifespan of the model (not that year).

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In 1973, the 2nd iteration of the Baldwin era Gretsch label was introduced.

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