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Country property is not as cut and dried in the comparisons as suburban homes, so ask your agent to provide comparable sales that have general similarities and discuss with them how those properties compare with the property you are interested in and their opinion of the price differences.

Find out if the market is a seller’s market, a buyer’s market or a stable market.

It would be prudent to check county plot maps, aerial photos, talk with local surveyors, talk with neighbors, and develop all the information you can.

Plan any improvements well away from approximate lines.

This may be something you would want to do during the inspection period.

Also make sure that any financial liens or obligations of past owners are paid off in escrow.

– One extra note of caution, a neighbor may have acquired a claim to a right on the property by extended use of a road, trail, or spring.

Congratulations on your desire to own rural property.

There are few things in life that provide the sense of well being, security, and pride of ownership than that of owning and working your own piece of land.

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Secondly in the long run it will prove to be a very sound investment.

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