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  1. In this paper we present a new technique using luminescence field profiling coupled with OSL dating to produce complete (relative) sequences of dates for sedimentary stratigraphies associated with agricultural terraces and earthworks.

  2. Jenny, you lost a six figure sum in just six weeks in an on-line romance scam, how did it start? I was contacted by someone who seemed legitimate, took the romance, if you like to call it that, off-line and that's where it started. JENNY BROCKIE: Okay, and you were living in Perth as well? The suburb he said was probably twenty minutes away from where I lived. JENNY: Well, he said his name was Garry, he always signed his messages from the first message as "hopeless romantic Garry", which I thought was just a bit of fun really but then I realised all part of the game, yeah. JENNY: Four, one was teeny tiny, and then three very large ones. JENNY BROCKIE: And you were sending him money how soon? TRACEE: The man I fell in love with, this fictitious photo here. TRACEE: I'd been looking after my mum for six months, sorry, six years, caring for her. JENNY BROCKIE: So what was the scammer saying and were you getting suspicious? I come from a military family so there was an element of doubt there regarding some of the things that he was saying, both my parents are military, especially when he was sort of saying things like we're running out of food, we need money for food, can you send an extra 0? Did you ever Skype this person or"¦ TRACEE: We did Skype once but his camera didn't work, which is the same usual story you get from all"¦. JENNY BROCKIE: Did you find that out at the time or found out later? JENNY BROCKIE: So how long did this go on before he started asking you for money?

  3. With Bigfoot a part of the Northwest’s lore and Squatch a previous crowd-pleaser at Sonics games, having him back (and on skates, no less) would be both topical and nostalgic. The Seattle Thunderbirds were once called the Breakers, so there’s history there as well. Pop quiz, hot shot: name one of the professional American teams that played the Soviet Red Army team?