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After smoking and getting super faded, We return to the living room, I sit where I was and she curled up into a kind of ball to leave space for me to sit on the couch. I reassured her and she put her feet up into my lap.

I was turned on just sitting next to her."You can stretch out, put your feet in my lap" I told her. After a while, I put my hands on her feet and started rubbing them.

" lol yeah right bitch you in college fucking everybody lolol... I was still using comdoms at the time so I gently proceeded to put myself inside of her..moaned low and deep until it was all the way in :-) I started to stoke her gently as she told me to not go to fast. For the past months I've been talking dirty to my daughter and have her tell me her sex stories and what she what her fantasies are.She was, and I ran my hands down her leg and felt her inner thigh, she was so warm and smelled so good fresh outta the shower.I was so horney and I got carried away, I pulled my cok out and touched her feet with it.Soon after about 5 mins her asshole was open enough to pound!!! Of course I came and that was it :-):-):-)Alight so the next time we linked I told her I wanted to do it again she agreed but this time half way thru the anal session the condom broke. I get hard just seeing her in the mornings, to think shes a slut turns me on. I first has sex I was 12 and it was with two guys at school. He talked me in to blowing his friend Scott Turner.I felt it immediately but I couldn't stop myself... And actually before this point in my sexual history I had never raw sex.protected so this sensation was very new :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)Okay now here is my true confession.... I begin to fuck her harder and harder harder and busted a big ass nut in her ass. I felt bad the day, like i was dirty but i got over it.

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she said she wouldn't tell anyone but i shouldn't do that, she left the room.

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