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After waiting a ridiculous amount of time, I hung up and called back.

I finally got a manager and told him of my health condition and that’s why I wanted the meal brought to my car.

Today Chili’s has 1,606 restaurants in the United States and internationally in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, North America, and the Caribbean.

In 1983 Lavine sold the restaurant chain to Norman E. In 2017, the company dropped approximately 40% of its menu to focus on hamburgers, fajitas, and ribs, which are their biggest sellers.

By the early 1980’s there were 28 Chili’s locations with Southwest decor in the Texas region.

If you look carefully around the dining room you should find one picture that is hung upside down.

A few minutes later, the same young man delivered the meal, I tipped him, and then hurried home expecting a perfect meal, warmed up in the microwave of course. It was the Arroyo Grande, CA Chilis, and when I took the meal from the plastic bag, I was so disgusted because I had ended up with some kind of chicken sandwich with all this garbage on it.

After my bad weekend, I was not prepared for this and called back to talk to a manager.

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