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Methodically, he pulled up her shirt collar, and rubbed it on her tongue. "Young lady, you get this tongue back when you learn to behave. Talk like a good girl." Sarah tried to pull away, but his grip was firm enough and it only made it hurt. She ran it around in her mouth to get it wet again. And when you do, you know you get punished." She kept trying to roll off, but he held her outside wrist twisted up her back. He manhandled her onto the bed while getting up, so that she was laying on her stomach, legs on the ground. She kicked her legs as she ground himself into her, but with the jeans and panties tied up around her knees, she wasn't going to be able to do much. "I know, honey," he said, not relenting as he continued.

"Young lady," he said quietly, "language." She was getting light-headed and tapped him on the shoulder with the free hand. "I was just..." She got back up on her knees, facing him. "I am..." she looked up, staring through him as she sought the words. "Oh, honey, you made a mess on my cock," he said, pulling out of her.

"Totally fucked it up, down, and around," she said, smirking. During a pause in the spanking, he rubbed her cheeks. So be bad as long as you want, you won't outlast Daddy." He slapped her again, and this time, he left his hand on it, his thumb rubbing up her lips. She could feel his erection pushing into her stomach. "I'm kind," she gasped as he push further in still, only to start pulling back. "Thank you, Daddy," rubbing her face on the blanket, she wiped away her tears, smiling.

You know better than that." She stood her ground as he walked up to her. Sarah kept trying to shake free, but she couldn't break free from him. The next slap caused her to buck, the transition from pleasure back to pain was jarring. "Your good little girl." "You're very good, honey," he said, picking up a rhythm as he began thrusting into her.

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Binge the rest of Black Mirror." "Ugh," Jenny shook herself. I find it comforting to see make-believe fucked up stuff as opposed to the real stuff. Sarah thrashed reflexively as they repeated their breath denial and allowance game a few times, after which, she found herself getting light headed. Sarah stared up at him, a moment of panic showing as he pressed slightly.

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  1. I’m really sorry.” Mare Molly Barrow is about to start school at Archeon High, and all she wants is to fit in. He needs advice though if this is going to work, and who better to turn to than the school's local love expert? No Mycroft Holmes, por supuesto; ese estúpido esnob no sabría que hacer con un tío.