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Earlier in the tournament, Korchnoi had successfully invoked the rule to claim a draw against Fressinet; the arbiters overruled Fressinet's argument that Korchnoi could not do so without keeping score. However, the arbiters insisted that some moves be played, so the players played the following ridiculous game: 1. The total number of players was 13,446 according to the authorities.Fressinet, apparently wanting to be consistent, did not try to claim a draw against Kosteniuk in the same situation. The tables were arranged in squares of different colors, each containing seven simuls. Fischer won his last seven games at the 1970 Palma de Mallorca Interzonal (including the one-move game against Panno), then swept Mark Taimanov 6–0 in the quarterfinals followed by Bent Larsen by the same score in the semifinals. (Some commentators give this as 19, electing not to count Fischer's game against Oscar Panno, who resigned after Fischer's first move as a protest). A game may be drawn by mutual agreement in any number of moves. The shortest known route to a position where both players are stalemated, discovered by Enzo Minerva and published in the Italian newspaper l'Unità on 14 August 2007, is 1.c4 d5 2. See List of youngest grandmasters for the history of this record.

In both the January and July 1990 rating lists, Kasparov was rated 2800 while Karpov was the only player rated 2700 , with third place being at 2680 although the identity of the third-place player changed. He went unbeaten in 86 games from July 1972, when he lost to Gunnar Uusi in the tenth round at Viljandi, until April 1973, when he lost to Yuri Balashov in round two of the USSR Team Championship in Moscow. Wilhelm Steinitz went 9 years without a loss (including his 25 consecutive win streak mentioned above), but the streak included only 32 games. Tal also has the second-longest unbeaten run in top-level competition.The longest decisive tournament game is Danin–Azarov, Turnov 2016, which Danin won in 239 moves. The chief arbiter declared both players to have lost the game. Kasparov scored 7-1 against an all 2600 rated team and considers it one of the peak performances of his career. He defeated Jules Arnous de Rivière and Henry Bird, drew Samuel Boden and Johann Löwenthal, and lost only to Thomas Wilson Barnes.In the 9th round of THT Extraliga (highest Czech team league), Danin needed to win his game to make the match end in a 4:4 draw. More rarely, a player might decide to protest by resigning a game rather than forfeiting. The worst result in a simultaneous exhibition given by a master occurred in 1951, when International Master Robert Wade gave a simultaneous exhibition against 30 Russian schoolboys, aged 14 and under.

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At the time this game was played, FIDE had modified the fifty-move rule to allow 100 moves to be played without a piece being captured in a rook and bishop versus rook endgame, the situation in Nikolić versus Arsović. Wang Chen and Lu Shanglei both lost a game in which they had played no moves. The players agreed to a draw after the 10th move by White (Petrosian). The shortest composed stalemate, devised by Sam Loyd, involves the sequence 1.e3 a5 2. Adding to the difficulty Kasparov played Black in half the games; usually in exhibitions the exhibitor plays White on all boards.

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