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I am very familiar with Italian bureaucracy and legislative system, which is why I will be running for Italian parliament soon (no kidding).Regardless of religions, nobody denies that masterpieces such as St.It goes without saying that if you want to date real Italian singles, you must live in Italy and start looking for men in Italy. In Italy, a person means that you are in a relationship with this person (not necessarily a long-term relationship).On the other hand, very few Italian-American born and raised in the US are 100% Italian or have lived in Italy for a long period of time. In the US and other Anglophone countries, dating is a phase that usually precedes a relationship proper.Peter's cathedral in Rome — by Michelangelo — or St.Mark's basilica in Venice — also known as the "church of gold", since some of its ancient mosaics are actually made of gold — are undisputed architectural milestones in human history.

On the other hand, in Italy you don't usually "date" anyone: people meet through their friends, relatives, work etc.and then decide to start a relationship if they are both interested. The reality is that living in the most beautiful places of Italy is expensive.Dating as many people as possible doesn't belong to Italian dating customs or etiquette, and is almost always frowned upon and considered inappropriate behavior. It is no accident that only rich artists, such as George Clooney, can afford a decent lifestyle in Italy or a decent wedding in Italy — Venice, in his case.However, why not invite a real Italian man to your hometown?Some Italians are willing to move, as long as they don't lose their job or they can find a new one.

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Tom Cruise's third wedding, celebrated in a castle not far from my house, was absolutely gorgeous, but certainly not cheap.

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