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WAB, with IAIA and the World Bank, had organized a Special IAIA Symposium on Climate Change and Impact Assessment in November 2010.A year later, we devoted a session to updates from the Symposium and initial activities of IAIA’s Climate Change Section.She has nearly a decade of experience in environmental and social management of renewable energy projects, including compliance with local legislation and IFC’s / MIGA’s Environmental & Social Performance Standards and Good International Industry Practices for wind and solar energy projects in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and Chile.

Meanwhile, the topic of climate change and impact assessment (CCIA) has become even more timely with recent Paris climate change agreement, and dedication of IAIA’s 2017 International Conference to the theme of In mid-May, just a week following our May 4th session, at IAIA 16 in Nagoya, Japan, the Climate Change Section would convene what has become an annual roundtable on the topic.

So the intention was to engage both the WAB membership and Washington-based development agencies, rekindle discussions begun at the Symposium in 2010, and begun building awareness and momentum for future efforts, including IAIA 17.

Justin Pooley and Lori Anna Conzo summarized the changes made in the recently updated World Bank Group EHS Guidelines for Wind Energy in their presentation: EHS Guidelines Update - Wind Energy.

They shared their experiences in designing and implementing biodiversity monitoring and assessment programs (BMAPs) with the oil and gas industry – see their presentation here [insert hotlink to the file “Smithsonian IAIA…”].

They provided examples from both terrestrial and marine environments.

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Genevieve Beaulac is a Senior Environmental Specialist at the Environmental Safeguards Unit of the IDB, responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of projects in the energy sector (wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and transmission lines.

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