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E-Mail from Elaine Barsosky; " the History of the Vaughans" E-Mail from Bettye Kirkwood, "The Vaughans of South Wales" The Vaughan Family in Monmouthshire, Wales; from "A History Tour Through Monmouthshire" by William Coxe. The FHL at the Lee Library on the BYU campus in Provo Utah. These four ancient Societies were named; Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn, The Inner Inn, and the Middle Temple, respectively in the seventeenth Century and a candidate had to either pass a general examination, or produce evidence of having done so at one of the Universities. 3 1729 Of note about the above Elizabeth Thomas; In the book, “Pembrey Parish Church Resisters “– Selected Entries from 1701 to 1900 by John A. This under the heading of Burials 1701 – 1771: 1729, Nov.

From the Internet, libraries, mail lists, and books, film’s and fiches. Also there are many photos of Wales and of Dalton places taken by Rod Dalton and Arthur Whittaker when they attended a meeting of the Dalton Genealogical Society in the first week of June 2003. October 23, 1707, Penybedd, Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, Wales. What a day it must have been for our James Dalton when he had his first sight of London. 3, Elizabeth Thomas, illegitimate daughter of James Dalton of Llettyrychen, so it is said.

This could have led to the split with Domac and Eddie.

As a young actor in Terminator-2: Judgment Day Eddie played John Conner and this was his biggest box office hit of the 1990s.

The personal genealogy history on the Dalton and Vaughan connection in South Wales 1651-1800; by Rod Dalton. Frances Edith Leaning (Dalton) The Oxfordshire FHS. Lets now continue with a pedigree chart and more history about Walter Dalton III that we left in chapter 3. 1 WALTER DALTON III was born in 1603 in Witney, Oxfordshire England, and died 1666 in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire Wales. He had never seen any city larger than Carmarthen, but he must have heard of the great school at Oxford in his old hometown in Oxfordshire from his father. Source: Rodney Dalton picked up this copy of the above booklet at the Illtyd Church of Pembrey after attending Sunday services on May 31, 2003. We don’t know much about James Dalton nor his wife, Mary Bonvill.

Though he and his wife are still together, they have filed for a divorce on the ground of domestic violence, which he tried to deny.

(See John Luther’s history in chapter 7, Volume 2.) Some research was done by the Wales/English side of the Dalton family and by members of the DGS. Phillip was High Sheriff in 1661, and married, firstly Lettice Lloyd of Maesyfelin, Lampeter, who died shortly after the marriage, without issue; secondly Sage daughter of John Mansel of Stradey by Mary Vaughan of Derwydd (d. None of the sons married, and one of them Edward Vaughan was the last male member of the family to live at Trimsaran, and when he died on 31 December 1683, the rental of the estate was 1,650 pounds per annum.

Also Rodney Dalton joined the Carmarthenshire Family Historical Society in 1998 and this Society searched for our Dalton family in hundreds of records from the years of 1651 to after 1800. His elder sister Dorothy inherited the estate, and the younger sister Mary, a mercurial and eccentric lady, married John Brown of Ffrwd and had issue. John Dalton Edward Dalton – Debtor/Mortgagee, Aberlogin tenent, Glamorgan. Executor: Thomas Bevan, William Bonvill, James Dalton, son-in-law. Allen, Edward Dalton, collector, Edward Dalton, Jr. the first son of James Ormande Dalton, was of Llettyrychen farm and was born in 1713 in Pembrey, Wales and died 1766 in Pembrey, Wales.

Their only child, David Vaughan, described as of Trimsaran and Lletherychen, was High Sheriff in 1636.

Henry, who was under 18 years of age in 1568, married a daughter of Ystradffin and were both living in 1597 when the Deputy-Herald Dwnn called at Trimsaran.

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