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I have a website that includes today's date in the link: How can I create a Firefox bookmark that, when followed, replaces the date portion with the then-current date?

As the title suggests, I am looking to create a date dimension table with M that checks for the earliest and most recent invoice dates and creates a date table from that with 1 day increments.

So today is June 11th, 2014 - I would want April to automatically update to June instead of it staying as April until I manually change it.

The intent here is that I have a column for every month - January, February, etc starting in Column B. I don't want to have to keep updating the month in the formula when I go to update the sales results for May, June, July ect.

And everything in the updated plan has the same offset as it had before.

Add Column(Insert Day Name, "Week Ending", each Date.

The issue I have is I want the spreadsheet toupdate the sum range in the table based on the current month I am in.

Your clients will end up having to download more and the web server will be sending data it doesn't have to.

A more elegant approach is shown in the AJAX example.

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Can anyone give me some tips on how to integrate these? Dates(Start Date, Day Count,#duration(1,0,0,0)), Table From List = Table. Rename Columns(Changed Type,), Insert Year = Table. Add Column(Insert Day Int, "Month Name", each Date.

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