Dumb dating mistakes how to get the best out of online dating

Mistakes men often make in relationships If your relationship isn’t going as smoothly as you had hoped, it may be because you’re committing one of these 7 common relationship mistakes. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship with an overgrown child.

She wants someone who can make decisions, take the initiative, and be in control.

He kisses butt, and pretends that he is just trying to be nice to her.

Of course, we all know what he wants, and he will never get it by being her servant.

Today we are going to see together the 5 big common seduction mistakes that men, do and keep doing, once they end up in front of a beautiful woman. I know some people who can courageously admit it: So you think you’re going to seduce her by showing her that you’re a freak who does not respect his friends? The opposite will happen, as you will attract her towards you only by showing her clearly that you are someone responsible who respects friendship: Believe me…

It is THE biggest mistake that a man can possibly make. Like my cousin Richard who buys new clothes just to show off and look good in front of Sarah, that girl from the accounting department. I recently met a real Mister Nice Guy who was a really a pain in the ass by the way he behaved, as he was trying to seduce one of my friends. This kind of attitude will make you an interesting and seducing man, a man with a rich social life who knows the dynamics of social interaction very well. Telling a woman that you love her so soon suggests that you’re a desperate man, who has been single since World War II. You’re the 50th man that she’s met and, also, the 50th man who told her the same thing.

But he’s there, taking it easy and he is being proud of himself… And I don’t want to mention those who talk about NOTHING BUT women, when they know nothing about the topic. FIRST, think about your professional career and enjoy yourself each time you have an opportunity to spend time WITHOUT being surrounded by a woman. Unfortunately, when it comes to seduction, that’s not the way it works, as nice and docile guys do NOT attract women, they make them run away. If I barely know a woman, and that I constantly give her gifts to make her happy, I send her this message: I know you may be shocked, because we’ve all done this (and still do it) and it’s just… Smart women can accept all your offers for dates and all your gifts, while giving you the impression that they like you, but they will never sleep with you… Here I must admit that I find this attitude kind of stupid… it’s over, the seduction game between both of you comes to an end. And keep in mind that seduction needs work on the field, along with women, and not in front of your damn computer. Your friends are still your friends, and if you do not have a life outside of your relationship, you’re just keeping yourself caged in with your girlfriend.Your friends were there for you at the start, and if things go belly up, they will be there for you at the end, so long as you haven’t pushed them all away!They annoy you with that topic all day long, with their invented stories and bullshit… If a friend invites you for a night out, never refuse with the excuse that you don’t have a woman to go out with, just go there and enjoy yourself… How could you tell a woman that you love her if you’ve only met her twice?? There is no more mystery, she won the game, she knows that you’re after her, they’re nothing exciting, nothing interesting… What can you tell a guy he says ‘I love you’ at the first date ? Letting down your friends is not the loyal thing to do, it’s frustrating.

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In this list, I’ll veer away from the more obvious mistakes like being abusive or being an outright jerk.

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