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A complete game plan for controlling every interaction with confidence.This is just a glimpse of practical strategies that you’ll learn from reading this book the first time.David isn’t your typical dating coach who’ll reel you in and then hide the best secrets.He’s open about what he knows and sharing that with you.Your experiences may be completely different depending on what level you’re at right now in your dating…I’ll leave that part to you.

“The things I was learning from books and seminars… “By hanging out with guys who intuitively got the attraction game, watching what they did, modeling them, and understanding their beliefs and how they saw the world — that was how I figured it out.A lot of dating experts make outrageous claims — like they’ve been good with women since before they could even talk — but not David De Angelo.He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or make promises he can’t keep.To conclude this ‘Double Your Dating’ Review, I would say that you’re making a big mistake to not at least buy the book and read it…you can always ask for your money back if you’re not impressed.Based on my experience though, I’m pretty sure you won’t be doing that.

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David De Angelo gives the most clear-cut and practical explanation of how attraction works – he takes all the frustration and mystery out of it.

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