Dhcp lease not updating dns

Feeling frustrated and somewhat bewildered, I setup a test system with my clean Cent OS 6 VM and installed DHCP and BIND, no Samba4.

I copied the config files from my running server with edits to change the domain and subnet, removed the Samba4 lines from named.conf, and added a forward zone file for the domain (as the running server holds this in AD).

I have yet to find a definitive explanation why in terms of the interaction between DHCP and DNS.

I would think that dhcpd is smart enough to work it out and update DNS accordingly, and the man page info suggests this, but I don't see it in practice.

The solution appeared to involve adjustment of the on the Linux clients and related to the client reporting a FQDN.

I tested it with a Windows XP VM and an i Phone, and both worked perfectly, adding both A and PTR records to DNS when they picked up a DHCP lease.

I then tried to replicate what I am trying to achieve on the running server - update only the reverse zone with a PTR record.

I have also tried entering a name in the "Client ID" (normally blank) of the Wi-Fi settings.

This shows up in the DHCP leases file asbut again does not solve the problem.

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