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BOOK OUTLINE OF CONTENTS Dating to Relating - From A to Z (A man's guide to understanding women) or"How I went from stupid to smart in just 50 years." Or"How I get more dates with, relationships with and proposals from Hot Young Women at age 50 than I did at age 25." Introduction - 5 Foreword - 8 1) DATING - How dating Guru's strategies go wrong. - 82 a) Creating "Future" - 82 b) Meeting women walking down the street.- 87 c) Meeting Women In Stores, Restaurants, Malls, etc.- 92 d) Meeting Women Who Work In Malls, Restaurants, Stores, etc. - 100 7) Turning Dating into Relationships - 10 a) How to get a second date.

- 10 a) My Credentials - 12 b) Relationships - The problem with Dating Gurus - 16 c) Examples of strategies and how different personalities can require completely opposite strategies - 20 3) Two basic problems - 25 a) What guys do wrong - 25 b) What people do wrong - 31 c) Shortcut Personality Theory - "Feet Angles" and Personality Types - 32 4) The Basic Solution - OBSERVATION - How to Develop strategies - 41 a) Perception channels - 41 b) Motion Toward - Motion away - 46 i) Purposes in observing Motion - 48 ii) Scale of Sexual Motion - 51 iii) Adjusting as you interact - 51 EXAMPLE 1- 52 iv) Set Patterns of Motion - 54 EXAMPLE 2 - 57 c) Gradients - 62 5) Objectives - 65 a) Get Experience - Multiple or "Serial" dating - 65 b) Sane Dating principles build sane Relationships - 67 c) Sane Dating principles can be applied to existing Relationships - 73 d) Prospecting and Qualifying- is she the girl you are looking for - 78 6) Turning "meeting" into dating relationships.

Most of these relationship I had maintained for years.

Most of the relationships I had developed between 50 and 52 have been maintained for in a club, on the Internet, through personal ads, through friends, and on the street.

Rx claims that techniques that treat all women the same only work on a small percentage of women because they are only working on one personality type and that his technology allows men to generate dozens of personalized techniques which take into account the personality of the man approaching and the personality of the woman being approached -- as well as being more comfortable than other techniques that often demand a man to be cocky, demeaning, macho, etc.

I had a monogamous relationship with her and was faithful for 7 years to her.

I must say I am as content as a single guy could be.

And I am more successful with women now at 54 then I have ever been.

Girls would approach me on the beach and tell me I was the hottest guy on the beach..girl even stopped the elevator mid-floor and told me I wasn't getting off until I kissed her....don't go anywhere, just because I was HOT doesn't mean I got women. As SOON AS I OPENED MY MOUTH (or shortly thereafter) I LOST THEM. I didn't quite understand it then, but I DO NOW.

Now when I became single again at 42, I was not as good looking as the teenage to 30 year old version of myself.

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