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Meanwhile, Sarah, Ling and Zie ended up behind bars after being caught in an anti-vice operation while recording at a brothel for an academic assignment.Eddie gows out with another girl without Putri's knowledge.Its first season was first aired from 4 June till 27 August 2006 on 8TV and while its second and final season ran from 8 July to 30 September 2007.The first season of the series was also aired in Singapore on Suria from 26 December 2006 till 20 March 2007.J's mother tried to match her with the son of a friend, though the man was not the type with interests on the opposite sex.Zie reunited with her childhood friend, Ikan, after years without seeing each other.Ayu has been in a long crush on Reza since their first days as coursemates.

Meanwhile, J is selected to play for the state futsal team, and receives weight loss pills from Sarah without knowing that they contain banned substances.Yet Ayu does not give up easily, plotting to break up Putri and Reza, while ensuring at the same time that she maintains friendship with her rival.Reza begins to feel that perhaps he has been going out with a less-than-compatible romance partner, while dealing with his own personal inner demons from being HIV positive due to his past drug addiction.This is where Putri realises that when a bunch of girls unite, they can outdo just anything in their lives.Shasha joins Putri in the same team and the two girls begin to put away their differences (akin to the movie).

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