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Do they do this because they are paranoid about crime?We assume it’s because they are know what it takes to be safe in their own country.There are quite a few, considering how few foreigners there are in the Philippines.Here are a few observations which might be of help to anticipate problems. They are let in, either knowingly by the foreigner or by one of the other parties mentioned, or they take advantage of security vulnerabilities they have observed or learned of.

When you are with inebriated men and women and you are also inebriated, a wrong move or comment can easily escalate into something violent.They were not built to make better scenery for tourists!Don’t expect your neighbors, security guards or police to come to your aid if you get into problems at night.Enthusiasm for their new life in the Philippines, thinking that the situation Philippines is the same as life in the US can prevent foreigners from taking common sense precautions to provide for their own safety in the Philippine context.I’ve been following news of murders of foreigners in the Philippines for several years.

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