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Jonathan Long knew there was something he didn't like about him. A magical creature that has the head of a snake and the body of a scorpion.

It is very venomous, and if its venom is consumed, it will transform the eater into a Krylock Demon. An ancient magical creature that sucks the life out of its victims to stay young. In the episode "Young At Heart", Jake, Trixie and Spud are its unfortunate victims. He constantly torments Jake and also tries to woo Rose whenever he gets the chance.

This is Truth in Television, and not limited to jackets. It need not only be women wearing something of their men's collection.

A little research indicates that the reason girls do this is fourfold. A man is less likely to wear his girlfriend's clothing, but a token is often passed in that direction, as in Chivalric Romance when a man receives The Lady's Favour, usually in the form of a scarf or other small piece. See also to You Must Be Cold, which can be a one-time romantic gesture and serve as part of a Ship Tease.

However, deep down, he has a good heart and is a good, trustworthy friend to Jake.An evil sorcerer that is masquerading as a puppet-like star of a children's show called "Pooka-Pooka Fun Farm".All children that watch are hypnotized into becoming trouble makers.She is actually a highly skilled hunter, trained by the Huntsclan to fight and slay dragons. Jake and Haley's goofy, but loving father who has no idea that he has married into a magical family. She has no magical powers, since they skipped her generation.As well as being goofy and embarrassing, he is also strict, however, he only is that way because he wants his children to remain safe. She is reluctant to reveal her family's heritage to her husband (apparently out of the fear that he will abandon her), and to this end, lies to her husband about Jake's business, sometimes letting Jake take the fall.

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  1. It can be subtle, but if you are making excuses, stop and reflect on why you’re picking up after a grown man? Talk of children or commitment brings panic to his eyes. And then you immediately see panic and a desire to flee.