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Easy, disease free and reliable for sun or part shade. New and rare, one of the freshly bred Achilleas to have strong, compact stems that bear really bright, rich red flowers with a developing white eye through the summer. Wondrous dark black foliage develops after the first season, spikes of white scented flowers Jul-Sept.

One of a new series of Acanthuses which are soooo much better than their ancestors. It is a very good strong glowing purple colour which again had many admirers & hence always sells very strongly. A real find last year, a new & still rare the most beautiful soft pink (old rose) flws for months on end in summer thru to autumn, especially if dead headed. Dark green, narrow foliage good for sun in a not too wet soil. The name is taken from the colour of the sandstone cliffs of the German river Weser and is a warm pinky salmon red, (redder than Salmon Beauty and they go well together. Incredibly popular here last year-sold out early due to its small size and softest lemon yellow plates of flowers. It bears huge heads of pale creamy white flowers for many weeks during mid to late summer. Hardy For semi to full shade a great autumn colour of steely blue on tall stems. Put it with Aconitum Royal Flush for different blues and Tricyrtis for purples and pinks. Easily the best of the white Aconitums with long spires of bright white flowers in mid to late summer. Good for semi-shade on a reasonable soil that doesn’t get too dry.The five small lime flowers form a cube, hence the name! It is extremely hardy (coming through the winter of 2009 unscathed) and incredibly floriferous.In fact it does not require to be pot bound being an excellent plant to include in the garden border in sunny spot. Much used as an expensive cut flower, especially in bridal wreaths, pure white heads made up of many trumpet-shaped flowers in late summer.Derived from the excellent Anemone Wild Swan this has distinctly ruffled flowers, often with a hint of pale pink with purple backs. Anemone Wild Swan has surpassed my expectations in its first year in our garden.Growing away quickly in semi-shade on a moisture retentive goodish soil it started to flower in May and the photo of the back of the flower on the right here was taken late October!

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