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The patent numbers on the logo are now 2,573,254 & 2,741,146 & 2,960,900 & 3,143,028.Another change that Fender made was using Pearloid dots instead of the so-called clay dots as fret markers on the neck.Here is an example that Eddie Vegas has on his site for sale right now.I’ve always been intrigued with the mahogany strat bodies.

The other case used toward the end of the year in 1964 was the black no logo case.So, on the sunburst models, the yellow was now being sprayed after the initial yellow dye.It made the yellow look more milky colored to cover up the wood more.The 1964 Fender Stratocaster also stuck with the curved laminate fingerboard made of Brazilian rosewood as you can see in the image below.The main part of the neck was still rock maple and used the same truss rod as well. The 2 on the neck date is often confused for the date it was made.

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They started the year off with the standard south wound black bottoms then around the spring to early summer started stamping the bottom of the pickups with a yellow date on the bottom showing when it was wound as seen below.

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