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Raj challenges, dares and also promises a shocked Narayan that before he leaves Gurukul Boys College, he will fill it with so much love that even Narayan will not be able to remove it.Narayan accepts this challenge, and allows Raj to continue as a teacher for a while longer.The record was supposed to be released by SST Records, but the project was later canceled due to the label receiving death threats.Only five test pressings of Completion were made, two of which remain in Rollins' possession.It was the first release of the complete recordings that were made in a rehearsal studio on September 11, 1967, that went on to be used as demos in an effort to secure a recording deal.

One day Raj throws a party inside the Gurukul campus, inviting the students from the nearby girls' school as part of his plan to spread the message of love in Gurukul. At this point, Raj reveals to Narayan that he was a student at Gurukul Boys about 10– 15 years ago and he had fallen in love with Megha, Narayan's one and only daughter.

While Manson was being held on the Tate-La Bianca charges, he told Kaufman "please put out my music." According to Kaufman, Manson phoned him five days a week, even though he was allowed only three phone calls per day.

Manson was "very anxious for his music to be heard." In 1970, the Manson family recorded an album, titled The Family Jams, of songs written by Manson, although he did not appear on the album.

) is a 2000 Indian musical romantic drama film directed by Aditya Chopra.

It was Chopra's second directorial venture after Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and was filmed at India and the United Kingdom.

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Subsequently, with Raj's guidance and support the boys -Sameer, Vicky, and Karan -one by one, slowly slowly are able to win over their love interests...

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