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In addition, Trout Underground’s trademark – the site’s “Weekly Shortcasts” – provide a list of links to other blogs and are the perfect way to keep up with the biggest stories in the fly fishing world without having to look around too much.Admittedly, The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing won’t have universal appeal in the fly fishing community.First of all, these guys know that blogging is all about staying on top of content and becoming something that anglers want to read daily.The Moldy Chum, perhaps more than any other fly fishing blog out there, keeps the posts coming, with an average content rate of three or five posts a day – even during the winter when most of us aren’t seeing a lot of fishing action.In the case of the Caddis Fly, that “something right” is near-daily posts of detailed, long-form content that will be a feast of information for any fly angler who resides anywhere near the west coast.The blog also beats Trout Underground in one very key department: photos.Fly fishing is an angling method that uses an artificial fly in order to catch the fish. In freshwater, the most common species of fish caught include trout, salmon, or bass.The sport of fly fishing has been referred to as the best recreation for the contemplative man.

However, Orvis also maintains a blog built to deliver the best and most up to date fly fishing news on the Internet.The other obvious benchmark for judging a blog – the quality of its content – is also cleared by Trout Underground with flying colors.The blog covers a wide range of topics under the fly fishing umbrella with unique and informative writing.While Trout Underground doesn’t have a big focus on visuals, the Oregon Fly Fishing blog offers a feast of stunning photographs – of flies, fishing trips, fish, and what have you.Don’t be surprised if you find yourself visiting this blog simply to marvel at the A-class fishing photography.

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Just take one look at this crowded website; you’ll know what we mean. Post frequencies can vary, with the average probably being about one new blog a day, but the content is well written, informative, unique, and always worth reading.

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