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I'm sorry but I do NOT understand even the FIRST complaint when a business/person provides even the MINIMAL of services for free and you still complain! But, when I find a site that I enjoy, serves a need I have and I choose to return frequently, I DO my best to help better the site in whatever way I am capable of.YOU try to create what they have and see how long YOU are willing to foot the bill with no help or payment from those who enjoy what you provide! In most cases, that is by giving my FAIR share of payment for the services that site provides.Since than I have also had the opportunity of having sex with a couple of guys who are still in the armed services...:)Tucson Twosome HI Billn Pattie, and than you for this great website! And this isn't from a computer novice, I have designed websites and intranet tools for a major computer software company (mostly asp stuff).

Hi, my name is Patty and I'm a Hispanic girlyboi. I'm not afraid of fetish, just as long as it hurts... MASSAGE 145 lb sexy body 36 d soft breast and Skin And I'm FF with 9inof beat meat u will fall in love.

We also have categories for couples interested in sexual experimentation.

If you are looking to add a little spice back into the relationship, either in a threesome or foursome combination, have a scroll through our Couples Seeking Women, Couples Seeking Men and Couples Seeking Couples categories.

I might kid and joke about sex, but Like dating, and like to see how the date is going to treat me.

This is a important part of my acceptance to a sexual encounter. Could use some help from another crossdresser on my makeup and hair.

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