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It wasn’t a full-on sales thing (the service we were offering was free of charge to the client), but there were targets and performance measures related to number of calls and number of bookings made.

The team’s manager, Ned, set up a competition whereby the person with the most appointment bookings in a set period would win an unspecified prize.

The meetings alone have doubled my meeting caseload, and overall my weeks have become much more stressful.

Is it possible for me not to take on future interns after Jane leaves us?

How to handle a workplace competition when only one person loses I wanted your take on a situation I was witness to a few years ago.

At an old workplace a team of four had the job of turning inbound enquiry calls into appointment bookings.

Last year, we had an intern and I ended up shouldering the “burden” of training her, answering many questions on a daily basis, maintaining her daily schedule, attending any meetings she was required for (which doubled my meeting caseload), and dividing up and overseeing our work assignments.

I wasn’t given any reduction in my normal duties for this, and it was not something I’d offered to do.

I typically spend about X hours a week training, answering daily questions, attending meetings, overseeing their work, and giving feedback.I need to find the appropriate way to tell my supervisor that I do not want to supervise another intern next year.I work for a nonprofit that contracts with schools to provide services in the schools.Whether or not you can opt out depends on factors I don’t know, like who else is available to manage them, what the reasoning is for having interns is in the first place, how committed your boss is to the internship program, and how open your boss is to push-back.But you can certainly talk to her about it and see where it goes.

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