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My boyfriend of almost two years, works in retail and send a crude comment to his friend that I recently saw.

He messaged his coworker and said, "I want to f*** your brunette costumer".

he even answered him but he just kept looking at me.. And ya I just posted this question, but I want answers. I slept in his bed with him for a week and he didn't makes moves.

However, we hooked up only on one occasion and one time before. Well, his roommate brought us" some liquor at 1230 am that night.

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We sometimes smile when walking in the hall and occasionally say hi now.

and one time he was talking to this guy and stared at me throughout his whole conversation with the guy.. I was staying w my "friend" who was a guy whom I trusted.Yesterday he kneeled down next to me to talk to his friend, and he leaned his head against my arm and his hand went straight for my crotch. And he's a total womanizer, so I feel like he doesn't even care about me, despite his overall kindness and hilarious demeanor. I am considering a FWB with him A girl at work that I gave my number too (she never called me, I moved on) has still been talking to me.When she never contacted me I blew her off but decided to be friendly anyway.In the beginning, (we have it twice a day) I didn't think anything of it, except for the fact that he was my ex-friend's ex. He also puts his pencil on his crotch for me to grab.I never did, and now I regret it and feel like a prude for never touching him back.

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This caught me completely by shock and devastated me but we have never had an issue like this before.

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