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Her central thesis was simple: Gnosticism should be considered at least as legitimate as orthodox Christianity because the “heresy” was simply a competing strain of early Christianity.Yet, we find that the Nag Hammadi texts present a Jesus at extreme odds with the one found in the Gospels.What was found has been for hundreds of scholars far more precious than gold. Although several of the texts were burned or thrown out, fifty-two texts were eventually recovered through many years of intrigue involving illegal sales, violence, smuggling, and academic rivalry.Inside the jar were thirteen leather-bound papyrus books (codices), dating from approximately A. Some of the texts were first published singly or in small collections, but the complete collection was not made available in a popular format in English until 1977.Although scholars do not believe it was actually written by the apostle Thomas, it has received the lion’s share of scholarly attention.The sayings of Jesus are given minimal narrative setting, are not thematically arranged, and have a cryptic, epigrammatic bite to them.The Nag Hammadi scrolls include works known as the gospel of Truth, the gospel of Philip, the apocryphon of John, the apocalypse of Adam, and the acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles. The Apostle Philip did not write the gospel of Philip. The gospel of Thomas was not written by the Apostle Thomas.

Goehring: The Material Encoding of Early Christian Division: Nag Hammadi Codex VII and the Ascetic Milieu in Upper Egypt – Melissa Harl Sellew: Reading Jesus in the Desert: The Gospel of Thomas Meets the Apophthegmata Patrum – Blossom Stefaniw: Hegemony and Homecoming in the Ascetic Imagination: Sextus, Silvanus, and Monastic Instruction in Egypt Part II: Egyptian Christianity and its Literature Dylan M.

The collection of writings has since been titled the Nag Hammadi library, or the Nag Hammadi scrolls, or the Nag Hammadi codices.

The vast majority of the scrolls in the Nag Hammadi library represent the writings of what was/is known as Christian Gnosticism.

It was released as and was reissued in revised form in 1988.

Although many of these documents had been referred to and denounced in the writings of early church theologians such as Justin Martyr and Irenaeus, most of the texts themselves had been thought to be extinct. As Elaine Pagels put it in her best-selling book, Pagels’s book, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, arguably did more than any other effort to ingratiate the Gnostics to modern Americans. Her scholarly expertise coupled with her ability to relate an ancient religion to contemporary concerns made for a compelling combination in the minds of many.

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