Dating my step cousin Gambar korea xxx

You'll have to check what the law says where you are. If brought up together from being very small it would seem very strange but, as far as genetics are concerned there still would be no problem. There are other fish in the ocean, go fishing elsewhere.

I am old fashioned and strictly believe family is family, blood related or not. You are not blood kin and that is really what matters. For if you marry mear of kin you will have a high occurrence of producing down syndrom or mongoloidial children, and souls which are biologically and organically defective abnomalies.

Carla: 'It is wrong to marry anyone that you are related to by marriage or by blood according to the Old Testament'Yes, that is listed, but even that is iffy if you think about it.

we are ALL related by blood, since we are all children of Adam and Eve, yes we still marry.

Depends, you don't share blood with them so you can throw out incest; though at the same time that would be frowned upon by many people, my advice is to do it but not let too many people know about it since you will get many raised eyebrows if people do find i guess it is ok cuz u rn't related by blood but i dont know if ur parents would aprove so.....

Still, it may not be wrong to like your cousin; you can't help it, and you probably feel distant enough from him/her to make it exciting.

The question is, will you act on it and how complicated would that make things? it could get very strange if you have sex with him/her... I think it's not wrong to have sex with your cousin,,, If she want and she agree for it.

You may not have been related before the marriage, but now you are. I know first cousins who married each other and they had 5 children who were deformed in many ways. And since life is proven to be very difficult enough for normal healthy individuals, as the sparks fly upward, it is very unwise to bring statistically inept and physically and mentally cursed or impaired souls into this hard world for them to struggle and survive.

An example is I have a step-grandpa I am very close to, and if he had a grandson or nephew that I thought was attractive but he was not related to me by blood, I still could not act on it. That I think because a step cousin is not blood related... There are other fish in the ocean, go fishing elsewhere.

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