Dating more than one man and advice

The idea of seeing other people makes most daters squirm.

If they have a jealous streak or worry about playing second fiddle, it can be a bitter pill indeed.

For deft others, however, this call to arms leads to a coordinated dance of agile hips and fingers that successfully juggle several balls to high-score status.

Now, back to the dating world (especially the online universe), where some singles have a bustling social calendar that features more than one active, ongoing romance.

Your dating life should be noble, not nefarious, and it is consent that separates the gentleman from a bed-jumping gigolo.

With experience comes wisdom and she also shares some lessons learned along the way helping others through her consulting services.

She also co-hosts the Sex Love Chat Podcast and Twitter chat discussing current topics about sex and love.

Don’t get caught up in discussions of “Who’s a better kisser? ” Explain why multi-dating is working for you now and why you’re not ready to change your ways…then handle the fallout.

Some mates refuse to compromise and share their honeybunch with anyone, and that’s fine; others don’t care or are multi-dating as well, and still others will stick it out for a spell to see if they can win over their reluctant Romeo.

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