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Whenever I find one of these places, I always find neat stuff. In a small chest of drawers inside the walk in closet, I had also found some of the laciest panties and tops I had ever seen. It grieves us when you wake up in the night and have terrible night mares. We want to be ready to help if we are needed.I hugged mommy tightly. I assured her that I didnt have that problem any more. I had already resolved the duality problems long ago. You probably feel like it, but your not and havent been for ... These are the clothes for you when you decide you dont want to be a baby anymore and want ... This is so that you may explore those interests when you have them.Mommy laughs softly and hugs me and says, My baby. you will understand my love. She kisses me softly and pats me on my bottom before she walks out of the nursery and is gone again.

There were many rooms and closets I had never been in before. There was one that stood heads and above everything else. I loved all the thick ruffles on some of the panties. The dresses all had puffy sleeves and looked like they were custom made for me. Mom ran her hand through my hair and said, You are not a baby anymore sweetheart. to pursue other interests.Mommy smiles and says softly, You are sweetheart, and will always be.

I can feel his words as they deliciously spread through me.

I feel an electrical tingle run through me as he takes my hand. He bends and kisses me on the back of my knuckles and says in the most heavenly deep voice, It is a great pleasure, My Lady.I am dazed.

I see Larry with one man in a headlock with a very nasty gun stuck in his face. The other two looked like they were very content staying right where they were for a long while.

He says very sternly, Miki, you have been a very bad baby girl wandering off that way. Not to mention what you have done to all the Imperial Guards.

Larry, this is the young Emperess Miki Anton.He bows gracefully and takes my right hand in his huge hand. The only thing I can do is giggle shyly and curtsy.

I blush very pink and turn to go into the potty room to get my thoughts back on track. You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv As time passed, I had started to grow accustomed to my surroundings and my new condition. After the problems in the beginning, becoming a girl had been fun. I now had some serious things to work through I wouldnt have had if I hadnt found that stupid closet. After all, you are the Crown Emperess of Terrian Nexus. I also notice he has several very formidable weapons on him. There was still this over powering familiarity and strange newness at the same time. You will enjoy going too, I assure you.She takes me in her arms and hugs me lovingly then says, Baby, even if you like girls ... There are many who would be more than happy to be your playmate and enjoy the same pampering you have.I am really confused. He is carrying his rifle slung across his broad shoulders. Just mommy and daddy accidentally on purpose neglected to tell Larry or me. I had a fantasy of me being Larrys girlfriend and he dating me and me making mad passionate love to him and ... Nana is looking at me with a grand smile on her face.

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It comes when it comes.I knew I had finally met the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

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