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The biggest main square in Dalmatia (an area of 4500m2), with many renaissance and baroque palaces, dominates the city which is surrounded by fortification walls dating from the 7th century.) was part of the Habsburg Monarchy that existed between 15 (also known between 18 as the Austrian Empire), as well as a part of the Lands of the Crown of St.Though representing a part of the diverse southern Croatian archipelago, formed by numerous islands, since the earliest days Hvar has been the subject of special recognition, distinguished by both its natural beauty and its cultural strata.It was chosen by the earliest prehistoric inhabitants because of it's pleasant climate and convenient havens and its arable land well-suited for cultivation, as well as for the defence and construction possibilities it offered.

By orders of the king in 15, large areas of Croatia and Slavonia adjacent to the Ottoman Empire were carved out into the Military Frontier (Vojna krajina or Vojna granica) and ruled directly from Vienna's military headquarters.The bulk of the Croatian nobility convened the Croatian Parliament in Cetin and chose to join the Habsburg monarchy under the Austrian king Ferdinand I von Habsburg.Some nobles dissented and supported John Zápolya, but the Habsburg option still prevailed in 1540, when John Zápolya died.In 1868 both were merged again into the newly formed Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.Following the Battle of Mohács, in 1527 the Croatian and Hungarian nobles needed to decide on a new king.

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