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It's women -- those without children, at least -- earning more than men.

I wanted to calculate and show how far women's earnings fall behind men's after they have children in each of these countries. In the Netherlands, women work almost 2 hours more per day than men, and female employment has climbed to over 70% if you factor in part-time workers, the cost of having children is about 7 percentage points compared to male earnings.

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I'm sure there will be uproar about the title but let me explain a little something to you...

For a good reason: we’re the only country where you can drive as fast as you want on certain parts of our highways for which we also have to know to make space on the left lane whenever possible.

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In Korea, where more married women are expected to leave their jobs and female participation rates haven't much budged for 20 years, according to OECD, female earnings plummet compared to men after kids.

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Still staying at your parents’ house as an adult is not very common, most of us move out as soon as we can.

German girls don’t need a man to survive, so impressing her won’t be easy.

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