Dating eyebrow pierced

The good thing is that there are several different ways you can hide an eyebrow piercing, and no one will ever know you had it done.

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BUT it all depends on if it suits the person and by looking at your pics I think it would suit you...go for it!

I wanted to get a nose ring for years and years and finally I got it 2 summers ago.

I promise that I won't shun you, or hold up a cross if I see you coming towards me.

but remember some place's where you work will restrict you from wearing one "unprofessional" and may make you take it out!

Just do it if you want it - don't do things because others say to or not to. the eyebrow has alot of nerves running through it and if not done in the right place you can end up with droopy eye which isnt attractive at your can be hot depending on the guy with your look's yes!

As for what I have, three piercings in each lobe, then one up top of my right ear as well as the knob on the inside... Getting my nipples done as soon as I can afford to as well as my (lebret? ), sometimes eyebrow but takes a certain man to pull it off, and number one piercing........ Absolutely the hottest piercing I have ever come across (no pun intended).

There are women who love men with piercings and then there are those who find it repulsive.

Personally, I don't find piercings on men appealing. i heard tho that if they go too deep on the piercing it will rub against your skull often and give you migraines all the some ppl now are telling me to get it done deep, and others are sayign to not have it done too sooooooo confused now! I agree with delusionalgal that eyebrow piercings aren't gay (I know lots of hot straight guys who have them) But disagree that two is hotter. Oh and as for the whole piercings being pushed out, apparently it can happen anywhere, no matter how deep the piercing is.

If you're confused about depths, talk to a couple difference piercers, talk to your dr.

Research and educate yourself on this piercing before getting it done so you don't make a mistake in having it pierced, and then facing complications later.

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