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But whereas experimenting with tires is possible (if expensive at to 0 a pop), few of us are going to buy multiple sets of wheels to sort out what we like.Before considering a range of models, it’s interesting to trace the overarching trend.One of the biggest pitfalls of plus-size is when the wheels are so heavy that they feel slow and dead.(That’s precisely why a wheel upgrade is always top of my list.) For general trail riding, a rim with something around 30mm internal width splits the difference of best contact patch and low weight and should make it possible to run a wide range of tires.“It’s not to say you can’t go bigger or smaller on a given rim.” So, based on lots of testing of not just Enve’s wheels but those from a dozen other brands, it seems to me that the M630 must be considered the holy grail for the average rider.In real world terms, it runs skinnies just fine (but seriously, with as good as tires are getting, there’s very little reason to go down to 2.1s these days), is ideal right in the middle of the range (from 2.25 up to 2.8), and even gets a pretty good profile on plus-size tires up to 3. And even though it might be tempting to go to the even beefier M730, which employ an interesting new plastic strip that sit inside the rim to further improve durability), unless you are a large, aggressive rider doing lots of enduro shredding, the 6 series should be ample considering it is more impact and pinch flat resistant than the previous M70 Thirties.Similarly, the M635 or even M640 might be a good choice if you plan to run plus-size tires exclusively.

Even plus-size is still shaking out, with the initial three-inches standard giving way to 2.8 inches last season, and now 2.6 inches for 2018.The second two numbers on any given model denote the rim’s inner width, so, for example, the M525 is a cross-country with 25mm inner width. Even though my style leans toward trail and all-mountain riding and my tire preference is for higher volume than the suggested 2.1-2.4 range of tires specified here, I’ve spent a lot of time on the previous editions’ XC and M50 Fifties, so I knew these would make the best comparison.The first thing I noticed is the impressive combination of width to weight—just 1366 grams, which is lighter than many road wheel sets I’ve ridden.Enve has four families of wheels within the line corresponding roughly to the ratio of how much time a rider spends climbing versus descending: the 5 series (i.e.50-50 climbing to descending) is for cross country; the 6 series (60 percent descending) is for trail riding; the 7 series is for all mountain or enduro; and the 9 series is for downhill.

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