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There are dozens of individual forums that have a membership of over one million. There’s no need to get too deep into the technical side of how forums work.

Even so, you need to know the basic structure of most forums.

Despite the erroneous idea that forums and affiliate marketing groups are old style, mighty obsolete, or even “dead”, they still play an important role in affiliate marketing. As in any business on earth, it’s obvious that success isn’t something you reach on your own. There are always people around you who have an indirect influence on the destiny of your marketing campaigns.

Want to read threads for affiliates that are subject to some sort of moderation?

Make sure the media buying forum of your choice has a great moderator squad. This is the fellow who’s working on the technical part of the community.

The forum has a lot of information on various topics.

Posts are mostly direct questions when it comes to this affiliate marketing forum: Don’t expect too many follow alongs and case studies.

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In such moments, you want a community of media buyers to be next to you. Because those are the only people who are able to understand what you’re talking about.

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