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This is why it is recommended that early recovers do not make any NEW major changes in their life right away.

I even tried to ask them even, to try to understand them, and I think they were all so new in recovery that they either didn't know what to tell me, or didn't have the foggiest idea what I was talking about.

I am not a psychologist, and I don't want to deal with a ton of baggage.

Beside that, I want someone that would be a good mother for my children.

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I would not date a (former) crack-head, no matter how attractive she may be.

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I would hate to think I was the only reason he stayed sober, if it was, than he really wasn't recovering very well.^^^^^^^^...a pickle CANNOT become a cucumber again.

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  1. This can then lead to disagreements and to arguments if the two of you hold very different opinions on what the best course of action is at any given time – and it’s even more likely to cause problems when things get serious and when you start potentially talking about children or marriage.