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Dates The date range given for each pattern name includes, in most cases, the date the pattern was introduced and the latest date for which there is evidence that the pattern was considered usable by the factory.It is most unlikely that a pattern with a date range of, say, 50 years was used continuously throughout that period although it was not uncommon for the Spode/Copeland company to re-engrave, reintroduce and even reregister its patterns.Leonard Whiter (1970) produced a reliable dating sequence for the majority of the main pattern numbers (those used until 1852) by the painstaking collection of scattered clues in the company records including dated watermarks in the pattern books.His interest centred around the Spode period, prior to 1833, and his sequence stops at that date.Copeland & Garrett 1833 – 1847  " data-medium-file=" w=290" data-large-file=" w=255&h=213" alt="" width="255" height="213" /Spode was known as Copeland and Garrett.On modern china and pottery pattern names or numbers are often printed on the base here we have the company name then written underneath “New Japan Stone” which refers to the product that is going into the mix to produce the china they were also at the time imitating Chinese and Japanese porcelain.

1833 to 1847 Spode became Copeland & Garrett partnership and during this period pieces were stamped with the Copeland and Garrett mark, often Spode’s name was included also as the Spode name was better known and respected (This was sometimes called late Spode).

Using plentiful watermarks, Whiter also compiled another excellent dating sequence for the B series (1822-41) (Whiter 1970: 89).

Spode/Copeland pattern numbers are also summarized in a notebook compiled in 1956 by Sam Williams, the pattern record keeper for W. Copeland and Sons (Spode Limited, Factory pattern number summary ...).

The new series divided china patterns from earthenware ones by the prefixes "1/" and "2/" respectively.

The allotted 10,000 pattern numbers were eventually consumed, but not until the 20th century.

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Felspar porcelain has a glass like finish which made the china very popular at the time. w=274" data-large-file=" w=640" alt="" srcset=", w=150 150w" sizes="(max-width: 274px) 100vw, 274px" /Around 1822 Spode introduced a new mix of china which they called “new Stone”.

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