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Each person gained great wealth from the Facebook initial public offering in 2012, this is without even knowing the extent of their offshore accounts. Most importantly, the Queen holds a “Golden Share” in AWE and its uranium mining mega supplier Rio Tinto Plc giving her ultimate control. Note: When attorneys handwrite disclosures in this day and age, it is generally an intentional act to thwart search engines from being able to index the document, so it is more difficult to find. If we are to believe the AWE directors, Lockheed Martin controls the British nuclear program! BNFL is a notorious acronym for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (Plc.). Even our week-long review of government contracts shows that the U. government pays tens of billions of dollars a year to Crown Agents USA Washington DC—which is a vassal of the Queen of England. This is another example of the corporate borders having been dropped long ago.

They also failed to disclose their intimate relationships with Facebook's appeal attorney Thomas G. Many of the Serco contracts are the most lucrative imaginable. 28, 2008, Serco Group PLC (UK) bought SI International and renamed it Serco, Inc. Here is the Queen’s “Golden Share” in Rio Tinto Plc as inauspiciously recorded by hand at Companies House (London, UK) on Dec. If we are to believe British Companies House filings, the Queen controls the nuclear program by way of her Golden Shares. OPIC funds USAID and Crown Agents—globalist front men Hidden inside OPIC are many dozens of contracts with billions of dollars awarded to Citibank. In addition, OPIC funds hundreds, if not thousands, of USAID projects that involve financing sent through the Crown Agents as the prime contractor or supplier to a prime contractor.

They are prohibited from holding “even one share” by a spouse in a litigant. military contracts that were then sold in 2008 to Serco (UK) who was a partner with Lockheed in AWE Management Limited (Atomic Weapons Establishment)(UK) along with British Nuclear Fuels Limited in which the British Crown has a "Golden Share" and 100% control. AWE Management Limited (UK) (Atomic Weapons Establishment) On Nov. The Queen, via Rio Tinto, actually sells these companies uranium ore to produce the nuclear fuel—that is enriched in America! BNFL is a notorious acronym for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (Plc.).

The games that our judges, politicians and bureaucrats are currently playing by hiding their financial holdings in large corporate litigants behind conspiring mutual funds is just obscene. Bradford "Brad" Antle very evidently orchestrated the creation of SI International, Inc. 10, 1998, AWE Management Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom by two lawyers who had one share each. Bradford Antle had just started Serco’s US predecessor SI International in Chicago. So, did the AWE directors check with the Queen before making this deceptive statement? Lockheed Martin appears to be a globalist government unto itself Lockheed’s influence over critical national security organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, including AWE, Serco, SES and OPIC is evident. It appears that Lockheed Martin sold out the American Republic long ago. We have two more groups to discuss, then we will swing back around to SES and OPIC.

We have worked to meticulously document these crimes with that some are calling the Crimeline. Are Americans not capable of running their own airports?! Serco runs major public works in Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Georgia—all Deep State shadow government globalist strongholds. America’s corporate borders against foreign intervention were overrun long ago More likely, these contracts reveal that America’s corporate borders were overrun long ago. The Kazakhstan "deal" was probably a sham, a cover, just leverage. It is important here to note a longer Serco thread that reaches back almost a century. Curiously, in their 2018 annual report, URENCO disguises their British 1/3rd ownership by British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) and says instead that “Enrichment Investment Limited” (EIL) is the holder. Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Company, Co. Here is proof that while privatization may sound like the Queen gave up control, she did not. Also, seven days before Crown Agents was privatized, on Jul.

In 2013, a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) whistleblower revealed to fellow scientists an active C. The documents were just uncovered by an AFI researcher.

OPIC is staffed by the SES who state openly that they cannot be fired by the President, and therefore by direct inference don’t work for him—even though the President appoints the Secretary of State, their sole shareholder. Since the documents intentionally fail to define the phrase “independent regulatory commission” it could mean anything if challenged and must be assumed to mean all SES members. The point to be made here is less about opinions on royal orders, and more about whether these men take seriously their oath to Queen and God. Return to the paragraph where I jumped to this Footnote.

As if this could not get more twisted, the Secretary of State is an SES member and technically cannot be fired by the President, who works for have no control over SES or OPIC—even though we fund them both. Whether narrowly or broadly defined, thousands of federal employees fall into this insulation from Presidential authority: Fig. It is certain that British courts consider these oaths to be legally binding. These oaths are similar in principle to swearing to tell the truth so help you God before testifying in court.

The lawyers who wrote these laws and regulations (and then protect these entities from FOIA transparency) should be shot for this treasonous word play. 5—The SES Plum book claims that the President cannot fire them. Since these are binding legal oaths, it is certain that they run Serco, and its subsidiaries in America, with loyalty to the Queen over the U.

While Rex Tillerson recently left his position as Secretary of State, being SES himself, we doubt he was fired. Sessions—also SES—is stubbornly hanging on, almost begging the President to challenge his SES employment protections.

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