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Billy showed up at the Chancellors' later, and he and Mac told each other how they felt, and kissed.

Jill began threatening to find runaway Mac's mother if she became involved with Billy.

Raul and Mackenzie became close while Billy looked on, dealing with his own feelings for Mac, which she did not realize. Raul showed up in time to save best friend Billy's life when Billy suffered alcohol poisoning and collapsed in the snow, as neither Brittany nor J. was willing to call 9-1-1 and get themselves in trouble.

At that time, Mackenzie and Billy did not get along at all.

That eased Mac's fears of discovery, and she agreed to join the on-screen Glo by Jabot Kids.

When Amanda did show up, Mac rebuffed her and sent her away.

Shortly afterward, Kay received a call that Brock was presumed dead.But Amanda had divorced and run away from her husband, Ralph, too, and was living at the same homeless shelter where Mac and her father were volunteers.With her boyfriend Billy's help, Mac and her mother accepted each other in their lives again.So Mac and Billy began meeting in secret in the Abbott children's old playhouse. Billy, Brittany, Raul, and Rianna were chosen as the Glo by Jabot Kids as a promotion for the new Jabot teen line.Mac assisted Phyllis Summers with running the website featuring the kids.

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