Christian dating in nigeria

But where you spoilt the whole thing was on your signature haba!!!How can a true child of God be so callous with words? My "friend Udeme" prophetudeme too much small stout is not good for you.the only relationship that should exist between a genuine born again sister and brother is MARRIAGE.Apart from this, any other relationship is sinful OP I do not buy your idea.

La Société jurassienne d’Émulation sera mise en lumière dans quatre musées cet été.

That thier love partners must be a christian and they should abstain from sex but can go ahead and be emotional and even a kiss is not harmful..

Its is a christian dating that is acceptable to God... Satan the devil moves around seeking whom to devour...

Prophet Udeme: good one brother have u read samuel tega's revelations from the Lord. I know how it hurts me, it almost bring me to tears sometimes, how much more it hurts Christ very few are prepared for Him coming, they swim in sin. The word of GOD is a shining light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path.

Jesus warns in that revelation that christians shd abstain frm boyfriend n girlfriend things, that we are called to be saints, that all those who kip on havin galfrnds will be accused by the devil an thus be cast into hell fire. The LORD directed me to His revelations through him. It hurts brother, it really does hurt The word of GOD is life, if you live by it, you will be saved. The Bible says "give no room or chance for the devil" -Eph What a quote from the pit of hell and the devil. But e go turn to firewood for the lake of fire for eternity if one don't repent and discipline self. If you truely want to live Christ-like and be saved, it is hundred percent possible.

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