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My wife became saved, and I did shortly after but it did not even stop there. I had an affair on my wife again and this time I confessed to her.

Things were better for a while but I found myself back on the net again.

At the most basic level, we are all addicted to things like food, sleep, human interaction, and oxygen. So why are some addictions normal, and others deadly?

Why is it okay to joke about my need for a daily soy latte, but there is great shame surrounding a daily need for sexual stimulation? It has ruined millions of marriages, and keeps Christian men and women shackled in chains of self-contempt and fear.

It all started when I lived at home with my parents.

My father was and still is a sex addict and alcoholic to this day.

Yet, many men and women have discovered freedom from sexual addiction.

A neuropsychologist could give an eloquent detailed explanation of what happens to the brain during sexual addiction.

You may be addicted to your husband's affection, a daily workout, talking to or texting your best friend, or spending time in prayer.

She went away for a woman's retreat on a weekend and I blew it again.

I felt that no matter how much I prayed, or attended church, or read the bible, I was VERY addicted.

I also had to fully trust Him and allow Him to work in my heart. During the fasting I asked God to break the chains and free me of this horrible sin that so many men go through.

Unless you go through it, you will never know the spiritual warfare that is involved. But in Gods amazing grace I met Him in the middle and asked Jesus to completely heal and restore me. I cannot say that I am not tempted in this area still but what I can say that if you trust God and pray daily for strength in your weaknesses, He will deliver you out of bondage.

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