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So it's nice to see that Will & Grace stars Debra Messing and Eric Mc Cormack still light up when they see each other even though it's been 15 years since they started playing their iconic TV characters.

The former co-stars were joined at the event by Beau Bridges, Swoosie Kurtz and Christopher Lloyd.

And it remains a risk in these more tolerant times, when so much has changed and yet… Not because this revival isn’t terrific — it is, mostly.

It’s got tons of heart, unimpeachable performances by a cast of seven including the best kid actor since ‘s Sydney Lucas.

But, to paraphrase one of the sow’s funnier lyrics, that’s the miracle, of Finn-yism.

Her new love interest is actor Will Chase, 41, who — yes — plays her ex-boyfriend on the show.

Chase, too, is recently separated from his spouse, actress Stephanie Gibson.

Trina begins seeing Marvin’s let’s-call-him-unorthodox psychiatrist Mendel (Brandon Uranowitz), who promptly falls in love with her and gets very protective of the seriously, if forgivably, confused Jason.

The show begins with “Four Jews In A Room Bitching,” an opener almost as famous and raucously funny as “Comedy Tonight,” from Comparisons to Stephen Sondheim are inevitable, as Finn the composer is a protégé breaking the mold: his tonal palette can be as challenging as Sondheim’s but he’s more conservative, frequently concluding an impressionistic melody with easy-on-the ears Broadway melody-making (of a very winning sort, to be sure).

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