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Returned to UK but crashed into woods while attempting to land. 3452 (100th BG, 350th BS) hit by AAA and crashed near Lagny, France on mission to Paris Sep 15, 1943. There is also MACR 856 which refers to this aircraft with 336th BS, 95th BG dated Oct 14, 1943, Germany 3464 crashed Jul 20, 1944 south of Brooksville AAF base.

MACR 3593 3549 (305th BG, 366th BS) shot down by Flg. 3552 (96 BG, 339 BS) lost Gudesweiler Jan 29, 1944. 3555 (388th BG, 560th BS, "Tiger Girl") hit by two incendaries dropped from a B-17 above and crashed near Bremen, Germany Nov 26, 1943. Then cancelled Dec 21, 1960 on export to Bolivia as CP-686. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 6077 to RFC Walnut Ridge Sep 17, 1945 6078 to RFC Kingman Oct 27, 1945 6079 to RFC Albuquerque Jul 27, 1945 6080 336th BS, "Mary Ruth/The We Wa Special") to 803rd BS(P) at Oulton early 1944 as radio countermeasures aircraft, fitted with six Mandrel sets.

Was delivered by truck to USAF Museum in 2005 for total overhaul due to extensive damage due to years of exposure to the elements.

24486 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Man O'War") shot down by AAA and crashed into English Channel Nov 9, 1942.

Given to Williamsport Technical Institute, Williamsport, Pennsylvania after the war for use in an aeronautical program.

WTI later became Williamsport Area Community College and later the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

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