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Not much had changed at the hotel, where our hosts kindly remember us.

The surf and the beach as appealing as ever – we will need to make the odd hour and a half drive more often.

Once up in Washington State we will definitely visit Rennie and Dennie down at Stretch Island which we visited in 20.

The highlight will be reconnecting with Rennies mum, Nina and her magic blackberry jam that the boys so enjoy picking for.

Looking back I see several months have past since the last update – such is life when cruising becomes second to domestic life ashore, school activities and the odd charter.

They kindly asked me to assist in this adventure which has already been quite rewarding for all of us.

We even managed a weekend south at Cerritos at our wonderful little hotel ‘Holas de Cerritos’ which we have not visited for a few years.

This area is developing rapidly with numerous new constructions, restaurants and associated social centres.

10 minutes to the boy’s school and a similar time to Sonrisa makes for easy commutes.

A visit to La Duna eco hotel with family friends, boys birthdays all passed quickly.

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