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Syrian opposition and rebel fighters have been subjected to piracy and hacking.

Stolen data includes military and political information, humanitarian activities, refugees profiles, communication and media.

The war that has killed 210,000 Syrians since March 18, 2011, could now be dictated by information obtained through cyber sex.

Back in the pre-digital era the femme fatales working for shadowy spymasters actually had to apply themselves in bed, or come very close to doing so.

An estimated 7.7 GB of data has been stolen from the computers and mobile phones of anti-regime fighters in Syria, a new study has revealed.

Sexual entrapment has become a dominant pillar of cyber warfare launched by President Assad's regime.

Other techniques have included hijacking email accounts of opponents to send out phishing messages to their comrades promising urgent information on the movements of government troops.

Since the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011, pro-Assad hackers have been targeting opponents using increasingly sophisticated malware and social media manipulation to trick rebel commanders and fighters as well as opposition politica figures into giving them access to their computers and smart-phones.

Less sophisticated attacks have involved the sending out of mass emails urging recipients to click on a link to see the latest video showing the brutal tactics of the Syrian army or Assad loyalists.

And that, according to a study released by cyber-threat company Fire Eye, is just one of the methods President Bashar al Assad’s mainly Russian-trained intelligence services have brought to the digital frontlines of the Syrian civil war.

Virtual femme fatales are managing to secure battle plans and opposition strategies, actionable military intelligence and scores of documents offering Assad’s officers valuable insight into the opposition’s operations.

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