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That was a sheer delight, and so informative and very fast, so what you missed the first time around you try and catch the next..leaves you in total wonderment the parting of the waves.Blessings to U Rates******* LOL at a few things I spotted: The CNN headlines: "Pharaoh enslaves Jews - world condemns Israel" Pharaoh: "No way .. We're all on the WEB these days, as deeply, as interconnected, as it gets. This is a very clever video, BUT it trivializes Pesach observance. Our instant everything high tech world can wipe out the experience of Torah observance IF we take it the wrong way...sent from my i Phone" The Kindle ad for a clay tablet Customers who bought this also bought: "Pestilence" Moses' tweets: "Got pharaoh to let us go, #epicwin" Now, THATS what Hashem wants us to do with the internet!! And WEB is also for sweet Charlotte and EB White's children's book. It surprises me that other people commenting on this video are not picking up on this, too...What a smartly done, well thought out, informative, fun, artistic, clever and so entertaining little video!!! When we celebrate the Exodus at Pesach, we are not to observe it in a DETACHED way. We should try to feel that we actually lived through it ourselves...Thanks for producing such up-to-date material, that can be relatable today as it was back then. I also noticed that in the beginning he was using a PC and towards the end he starts using a Mac. ) As for the CNN Headline, "Pharaoh Enslaves Jews; World Leaders Condemn Israel" (at timestamp ), I guess not much has changed in 4000 years! If we had today's technology at the the Exodus, we could have guaranteed that everyone sang the right words to The Song at the Sea by texting them to everyone. What an amazing Exodus God inspired video that we have here!!

The people of Palestine have been the Jews for thousands of years. Israel is a tiny piece of land,7 million people, surrounded by many large Arab Muslim countries, 1.5 Billion people, who are bent on killing and wiping Israel from the face of the earth. I'm an old man (73) and I thought this was just wonderful!!!!I can't quite explain it, but it made me cry - real tears.Somehow, underneath the jazzy, upbeat music and the very witty graphics, I felt my heart engaged.While we could use humor, we should also realize our suffering during that time and that is what we are paying tribut to. Thank goodness for videos like this that remind us Jews that passover is around the corner, and its a special time for the Jewish people.How can you celebrate pesach in a "non-detached" way, when the majority of the Jewish world wont be at a proper sedar?!

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([email protected] have been more correct) LOVE THIS!!!! Yeah, it's a little quick, hence, my third time watching it! I would've added a second "S" to "desert," followed by a backspace deletion, but then again, the darn thing is perfect as-is. At "No time for baking, grab the matzah" via Twitter is dated Feb 6 -- shouldn't date be later? Now, granted he's dead, but if he were alive and well, he probably would have one. Is it beyond some peoples imagination that Moses wouldn't of used the Internet, if it existed in his time?

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