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While I would love to visit a clinic as I like to have visual instruction, the price-point at this time is a bit much for me considering how much money I’ve already spent on physical therapy, prolotherapy, PRP, etc with no pay-off (my wife probably won’t go for another “crazy” treatment! So, I’m going to buy the book, put it to use in my life, and hopefully get better and improve my body overall – we’ll see!

(I’ll post my progress, thoughts, and results right here on My Five over the next few weeks and months.) Does this have anything to do with Five Fingers or Minimalist running? When I met with John, we talked extensively about Five Fingers.

Egoscue has made it possible for me to be able to continue what I love to do.

I am currently into my 28th year of my body building/figure amateur career.

After talking a lot with John about Egoscue, his patients, Five Fingers, treatment, and everything else, I asked if he could obtain a few testimonials for me to share with all of the readers here.

He reached out to some of his patients, particularly those who are now VFF wearers, and provided me with contact information for those who were willing to share their stories.

After some research, I discovered Iontophoresis, Prolotherapy, Cissus (courtesy of the 4 Hour Body), and a number of other alternatives.I was impressed with the analysis and I’ve decided that I’m going to proceed with Egoscue.To move forward, you have 2 options: You can either read the best-selling Egoscue book and go along at your own pace, or you can sign-up for a plan and visit a local Egoscue clinic (or have appointments over Skype).I haven’t actually traveled out of the local area, but I have visited more specialists and done more research than I would have ever thought possible of myself.The fact of the matter is, I just don’t think surgery is necessary to heal this up, so I’m making sure no stone is unturned in my search for a surgery-alternative relief.

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