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I looked her up -- IMDb says "Former longtime companion of Saffron Burrows from 2002 to 2005." So "longtime" is now a mere three years?[quote]Until today I had no idea that Harry's Aunt Petunia was a lesbian.Saw her again on L&O: UK tonight and she practically gonged Eileen Atkins and |Jean Marsh are not gay.I've met Eileen on several occasions and apparently, before she married her present husband in 1976, she had lots of relationships and engagements with both married and unmarried men. R136 yes Jessica Clark and Lacey Stone did get married.

Is it something about this particular woman or is it like that with all videos of beautiful women on youtube? R26 gets cranky when his "all lesbians are ugly cows who are bitter because they can't get a man" agenda is challenged. He also gets cranky when he winks his brown eye at some passing hot straight guy and gets laughed and pointed at. Jo Frost, there are been a fair few rumors she's gay.

In the pictures someone linked further back she is holding hands with this woman on two or three of the pics and the pictures list them as 'Saffron Burrows and her girlfriend...'.

Patricia Routledge I heard lives with ex-Commons Speaker Betty Boothroyd but don't know if that's just gossip. Miranda Richardson lives quietly almost seemingly as a semi-recluse by her own admission, and she keeps cats.

Yes, it is said (though I don't know if true) ex-newsreader Moira Stewart is gay as is BBC newsreader Jane Hill, who came out recently. R118, she's a Scottish actress who appeared on anger seasons of Monarch of the Glen.

Racing/Sports TV presenter Claire Balding is gay and lives with her longterm partner. She always lunges to me then, but I chalked it up to her character.

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She won't talk about her private life and is something of an enigma.

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