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Eye blocking behaviors such as: covering of the eyes, shielding the eyes, lowering the eyelids for a prolonged period, delays in opening of the eyes is so hard wired in us that children who are born blind, when they hear something they don’t like will also cover their eyes.Obviously this behavior is hard wired, part of our and represents an adaptation to stress or other negative stimuli which has served us well over millennia.All we can learn from this is that the person is processing information, not that they are telling the truth or lying as some well intentioned but ill informed individuals would have you believe.I look at the eyes principally to tell me when someone is comfortable and relaxed.In fact, Alder Vrij and others have found that liars tend to engage in greater eye contact because they know we are looking there for signs of deception.Eye contact is in fact a social/cultural phenomenon that is practiced differently around the world.

The eyes reveal excitement at mom walking into the room but also reveal concern when we are troubled.

It is interesting to note in my own observations that when we are most comfortable we have the luxury of looking away and we find comfort there as we retrieve facts from our memory or ponder the future.

Eyes will move side to side, look down, or hold still as we process information.

Eye blocking is just one of the more obvious things that we do.

When we are troubled, frustrated, or struggling with something emotionally, our eyelids may also close hard and remain closed or the eyelids may flutter rapidly as an expression of our sentiment.

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