Bungie armor not updating dating then and now

Bungie states that its intention was to “keep slower-paced activities as rewarding as high-intensity grinding without confusing variations.” Unfortunately, the “silent nature” of this system wasn’t exactly staying true to the transparent nature of Bungie’s standard for itself in terms of communications.

The “new solution” is to work on a system to rebalance Destiny 2’s XP, which is what Bungie has already started doing.

But if you’re looking at it horizontally, Road Complex AA1’s design bears a strong resemblance to the logo of Kek, a satirical “religion” created by members of the white nationalist movement that describes itself as the “alt-right.” Here’s some background on Kek from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog: Kek “adherents” created a whole cultural mythology around the idea, describing an ancient kingdom called “Kekistan” that was eventually overwhelmed by “Normistan” and “Cuckistan.” They created not only a logo representing Kek — four Ks surrounding an E — but promptly deployed it in a green-and-black banner, which they call the “national flag of Kekistan.” The Kekistan banner is modeled after a Nazi war flag: The Kek logo sits in the center instead of a swastika, and green replaces red in the color scheme.

It will be available in the Iron Banner playlist until the next reset, when it will become available in Quick Play, Competitive, and Private Matches for all players of Destiny 2.

You also might see it in Trials this weekend, but we’ll know that for sure tomorrow!

Destiny 2 is in the midst of making some important changes to the game in response to the multiple fan complaints about the state of title and the team’s lack of communication.

The official Bungie blog, signed by Luke Smith and Chris Barrett, states that the team “agrees” they should be more open. Among the updates coming in December are as follows: Beyond these updates, there are other changes coming in both the Dec. 12 updates, including improvements to “deepen rewards” for players, “provide more player control” when it comes to rewards, “make shards useful,” and to “provide general quality fixes” when possible in-game. 12, Legendary Weapons will drop as or either be upgraded to become new Masterworks versions, which will track and show you the number of kids you rack up with the weapons, generate orbs on multi-kills, add re-rollable stat bonuses, and a swath of other boons.

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Faction Armor and Weapons will also be unlocked for players to purchase for Legendary Shards and Faction Tokens, with five Armor Slots present and a weekly weapon rotation.

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