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Mothers of illegitimate children were punished in this way in the 16th century as were the reputed fathers.Deranged people were whipped for being deranged, ill people for being ill.

This punishment was not just for those who committed a crime.

It was not until the reign of Elizabeth I, in 1597, that culprits were only required to be naked from the waist up.

From that time also, the whipping post came into being, for the majority of cases, instead the back of a moving cart.

So easy was a whipping to administer, and so obvious the deterrent it was thought to be, it became the punishment most common throughout the world.

On 1530 the Whipping Act ordered delinquents ‘to be tied to the end of a cart, naked, and beaten with whips through a market town till the body be bloody by reason of such whipping’.

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